Forida strengthens management and relocates

Forida strengthens management and relocates

By 4. november 2015 News article

Forida strengthens management and relocates to wind turbine cluster on Aalborg East Harbor, Denmark

Forida A/S a company that develops, manufactures and sells ultra high performance concrete towers for wind turbines, strengthens management and relocates to a larger office on Aalborg East Harbor, Denmark. The company received considerable millions from a range of investors by the end of 2014.

“The wind turbine manufacturers have expressed great confidence in the fact that our towers can reduce the cost of producing electricity. Cost reduction is one of the industry’s toughest challenges. We have come so far in the dialog with customers that we have to prepare management and our organization to go from sales to delivery and installation of the towers. We expect to sign contracts on the first towers in the spring of 2016” says Finn Strøm Madsen, who just signed on as CEO.

Finn Strøm Madsen is former chairman of the board within Forida and replaces Jan Karlsen as CEO. Both Finn Strøm Madsen and Jan Karlsen continue on the board. Former member of the company’s board, Lars Damsgaard Andersen, is appointed chairman of the board.

Jan Karlsen, founder of Forida A/S, is appointed CTO (chief Technology Officer) with the responsibility for product development and production. The timing could not be more right for the role change, he believes.

“My core expertise is within technology and product development, whereas Finn’s strength is within the commercial aspects of the business. Taken the development of the company into consideration the change of roles could not be happening at a better time. We strengthen the management of the company by bringing our collective competences in play in the right way in relation to the market, which we will benefit from going forward”, says Jan Karlsen.

Wind turbines with Forida’s ultra high performance concrete towers can be built taller and at a lower cost than traditional steel and concrete towers. Taller wind turbines equal a more efficient utilization of wind, and lately several large wind turbine manufacturers have launched new wind turbines and all with taller towers.

In order to meet future demands of the wind turbine manufacturers in the best possible way, Forida relocates to Aalborg East Harbor, Denmark, where the company becomes part of an already existing wind turbine cluster located on the harbor, which will provide possibilities that will support the strategic development of the company.

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