Forida successfully produce and install a pilot tower

Forida successfully produce and install a pilot tower

By 15. juni 2016 News article

Forida successfully produce and install a pilot tower. Situated at the Port of Aalborg.

In Q2 2016 Forida A/S performed a series of tests for the assembly of an UHPC tower. The tests were conducted at the Port of Aalborg close to the Forida office.

The Tower pieces consisted of two cylindrical sections where the height of the sections were 2.0m and the diameter of the tower was 8.0m. The sections were made of elements in which each element constituted a 1/8 of a circle. The purpose was to test a number of alternative assembly methods for the vertical and horizontal joints and to validate a newly developed heating system for vertical joints for use in tower mounting in low temperature areas.

Tower sections

Placement of an element

The elements were produced in Q1 2016 at Hi-Con, the worlds largest UHPC producer, and the installation took place in Q2 2016, in a period when the day temperatures was 5-8 ° C and night temperatures was 0-3 ° C.

EU Montage did the assembly of the tower, while ITW Densit, BASF and CRC Technology contributed materials and supervision. Additionally, KT Electric contributed with advice and practical work on the performance of the heating system.

The horizontal joint between the two sections was tested for solutions with grout, epoxy and a thixotropic high strength mortar.

The vertical joints were tested for several types of grout, ranging from an almost fluent pumpable grout to a rather sticky steel fiber reinforced ultra-high performance mortar. The materials were filled into the joints either by pumping in from the bottom, by filling from the top or by filling trough an opening in the mold.

Pumping of grout

Joint with thermocouples

Data loggers

The heating system for the vertical joints was tested and surveyed by a number of data loggers. By means of the data loggers the temperature was measured in several places in the joint, in an unheated reference joint, and in the ambient surroundings.

Temperature curve

The tests concluded that:
• Assembly of the tower sections down to very low temperatures are possible by the use of the heating system.
• Best vertical joint is CRC Joint cast solution, where the mortar is poured into the mold from a concrete bucket and a chute.

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